Adopt A Monkey

Monkey Delivery detailsFrom just £3.00 a month you can adopt Koyah. Your money will help the WWF to safeguard the future of wild orang-utans, and tackle some of the biggest conservation challenges facing our world today.

Koyah lives with his mother in the relative safety of a forest reserve in Borneo where his natural habitat is not threatened by the factors affecting the existence of the majority of the remaining orang-utan population.

By adopting an orang-utan through the WWF orang-utan adoption scheme you will receive a WWF orang-utan adoption pack, which will include the following items:

Monkey Adoption

  • A gorgeous soft toy of your adopted orang-utan
  • Your orang-utan adoption certificate
  • An orang-utan factbook
  • Stickers and bookmarks
  • Updates on your orang-utans 3 times a year in My Orang-utans magazine
  • Updates on the conservation efforts of the WWF in the 4-monthly newsletter called Wild World
  • Tips on how you can lead a greener lifestyle
  • and more…

Animal adoptions can make wonderful ethical gifts so why not treat a friend or family member to one of the wonderful WWF adoption packs and be safe in the knowledge that you have contributed towards helping the orang-utan to survive as a species.